identity and positioniong It all flows from here. That’s why getting it right is so critical. Your company’s identity is far bigger than a clever tagline or a jingle. It’s who you are: it’s not just about what you make or the services you provide but it’s also about your core values and your mission. It’s about how you view yourself, your customers, and your employees. It’s about your promise to your now and future clients.

Yes, it must be memorable and it must also ring true for you and your employees–the company ambassadors-who you need to get behind it. And once established it must be presented cohesively, consistently, and creatively across every marketing venue you employ in your communications plan for maximum impact. And that’s where we come in. At design2 we’ll interview you in depth to learn what your business is about and how it operates, who your customers are and what they need. From there we’ll create a unique and powerful identity that reflects who you are and what your business is about and can include: a logo, a tagline, a detailed plan for application of the identity on stationery and business cards, printed materials, sales promotions, advertising, and web site design.