web design and development It’s true technology has made it easier for anyone with a computer to use cookie cutter templates to throw up a quick web site. But just having a façade out there, any façade, will not get you noticed. In the hands of an unskilled and inexperienced person even the finest and most expensive tool on the market cannot guarantee a job well done. Whereas in the hands of a gifted and visionary artist the Mona Lisa flows from a crude palette and old paintbrush and the statue of David emerges from a large stone and a simple hammer and chisel.

At design2 we’ll interview you in depth to learn what your business is about and how it operates, who your customers are and what they need. From there we’ll custom design and build a web site that is distinctive and user-friendly, one that, in concert with your other communications vehicles, effectively conveys your core message to the customers you need to reach.